Meet So Chic at D3!

The So Chic team is joining the amazing Dubai Design District for 2 WEEKS !

Meet So Chic at D3 from 25 of January to 9 of February at Caudalie Offices – 101 – Building 7.
To all the D3 girls, we are coming to meet you !!
CLEARANCE POP UP AT D3: All the So Chic selection of NEW items from Parisian boutiques will be on sale at 50% just for 2 week s at D3!!
Shocking partners as Juulsjuuls x HuzzInk, Caudalie, Fit Food Collective, Kure Bazaar, Marie Stalla will be with us at Caudalie office for a 2 weeks exclusive opening in D3!!

Discover our program for the 2 weeks at D3 :


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Meet So Chic and …

Juulsjuuls x Huzz : the fine piercing party event


Want to get pierced??? This is the occasion!! Huzz Ink x Juulsjuuls will be only for you at the piercing party on the 30-31 of January and 1st of February
The word Fine comes from the idea of introducing the piercing culture to Fine jewelry customers.
The trend inspired by Venus by Maria Tash herself and other artist piercers like J. Colby Smith from NY Adorned.
JUULSJUULS will be selling a curation of earrings just for So Chic girls at D3.
Come to piercing party on the 30-31 of January and 1st of February 

Lucy Bettoney : Fit Food Collective


Ok, we all understood we need to eat Quinoa and eat healthy… we all want to keep on our good resolutions for 2017…, but how do we do?  Let us help you!!
Meet Lucy and get some ideas on how to eat healthy every day with easy and simple recipies, where to find the good products to keep a good taste and make sure it is real organic.

” I’ve always been a massive foodie. I’m one of those people who plans their lunch while eating breakfast. I’ve always leaned towards the adventurous side….try everything, LOVE everything.

This love affair was plane sailing until I was sixteen and began to suffer with bouts of IBS. Instead of tackling it, stubborn old me thought: “Why should I stop eating pasta and all of the things I love?” I suffered for years, determined not to give in to my body – which I now know was crying out to be listened to. The transformation began when I embarked on a health kick before my wedding and discovered all of the delicious dishes you can make from healthy plant-based ingredients. I began to experiment and my digestive problems reduced significantly. I was fascinated – and I learned to love food in a new way.

I started my website because my personal food journey has changed my life dramatically, so sharing my recipes and what I’ve learned might just help others too!” Lucy Bettoney.

Meet Lucy on the 2nd of February

Lucy recipes

Find those yummy recipes on her blog

Marie Stalla : the French designer

Dress_Dear Paris_red_FW16_4

“I am thrilled to meet the D3 fashion lovers on the 2nd of February from 10am to 5pm for a day of sharing about my experience, how to create, source and produce in the UAE. I will also be so glad to chat about styling tips with all of you”, Marie Stalla.

Don’t miss the chance to be styled by Marie Stalla. This French born brought to Dubai her passion for fashion under one theme “The feminity in its social environment.”

This locally based designer knows better than everyone what we need in our closet to be on point this winter in Dubai. She will reveal to you all her tips to be stylish in a flash.

Through her simple, sophisticated and easy to wear creations, Marie Stalla will bring peps in your closet.

Caudalie: make-up master class!

Be a part of one of their Make-up master class and learn how to get ready in a flash.

The very French skin care and beauty brands will pamper you with its new range of products.
Their skincare line is an organic and GMO free brand.

The vine and grapes possess exceptional powers for the skin and it will make you shine. Those treatments will leave your skin feeling nourished and glowing.

Kure Bazaar : nail bar 

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Come over the pop-up and have a free manucure, choose the color of your choice and let the Kure Bazaar girls take care of your hands.

Join us all day the 25 of January and the 26 of January from 11am to 4pm

Kure Bazaar, “The Good Nail Philosophy”!!

Get healthier nails day after day, adapt your nail colour to the seasons and to your wishes and moods.

This non toxic, eco friendly nail polish (non tested on animals) brand is made just for you to have your nails colours on fleek!

The Kure Bazaar nailpolish come in a variety of on-trend shades, and last as long as a regular nail polish. Enjoy the trendiest choice of colours! We love them all!


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