How does it work?

What is So Chic?

So Chic brings the fashion trends from Paris to Dubai, with a carefully sourced selection of new and pre-loved designer clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories.

What is the So Chic selection?

So Chic brings to Dubai the real trends from Europe: a mix of rock, chic and easy – but so trendy! – style.

First, we offer a unique selection of pre-loved designer clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, carefully sourced from the best wardrobes of Dubai. All the pre-loved items selected are in excellent condition.

Second, we also source directly from European brands clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories that will help you keep your style without breaking the bank, and perfectly adapted to the Dubai lifestyle – from beachwear to glitter party night!

Because of these selections, So Chic is able to offer you a mix of new and pre-loved items, from small but so trendy brands like Bel Air, Suncoo or Ba&sh, to high-end luxury brands like Chanel or Fendi.

We get inspiration from Paris, Milano, Barcelona, and Brussels… and of course from all our So Chic clients!

What are the So Chic Pop-Up Sales?

The So Chic Pop-Up Sale is a unique experience of shopping, in the most exciting way.

Not only will you be able to grab incredible designer brands from our selection at a pretty fantastic price, but also our partners offer during the Pop-up Sale a unique opportunity to enjoy a truly girly happening with surprises such as beauty treatments, goodie bags and many more!

There are 4 So Chic Pop-up Sales (which means 4 selections) per year, each time taking place in the trendiest spots of Dubai.

First come, first serve!

When can I bring my items?

Dates of the selections are published on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and also on the So Chic website.

They are usually taking place in:

  • September for the sale happening in October
  • November for the sale happening in December
  • January and February for the sale happening in March
  • April for the sale happening in May

How does it work?

The So Chic team will select only items in excellent condition and that we believe respond to the European trends.

A dress that does not fit you perfectly, wrong size shoes or items you bought at a private sale and you did not really enjoy after all… there are many reasons that may lead you to So Chic. Bring your items at the So Chic Corner and So Chic will sell it for you!

When you come with your items during the selection period, the So Chic team makes its selection and helps you pricing it. You will then receive a report with all the selected articles that will be presented at the next sale.

So Chic keeps the items for 2 sales. If the item has not been sold at the first sale, it will be on sale in our boutique and on our e-shop, then presented again at the next sale.

As a benchmark, So Chic usually sells 70% of your items after the first sale.

What has not been sold after 2 sales will be returned.

If you change your mind and wish to have your items back after it has been selected and priced by the So Chic team, a fee of 50AED will be charged by item.

After the Pop-Up Sale, each So Chic seller receives a personal report with the list of sold items. The seller is then invited to come and collect its envelope at the So Chic Corner at Blanc d’Ivoire Dubai. Payment can also be done on request by bank transfer.

What commission does So Chic take?

So Chic takes a commission of 40% when the item is sold. Nothing less, nothing more.

What do I find in the Corner & the e-shop?

You will find all the items that did not find the right closet during the last Pop-Up Sale. It can be second hand or new items.

Please note that during August, the Corner and the E-shop might be closed.