Founded by French-born Emma Di Rito and Alex Bouvy, the idea for ‘So Chic’ was born two years ago from their shared love of stylish effortless fashion. Since inception, this unique preloved fashion pop-up concept has grown to house exclusive private sales five times a year. Carrying the largest selection of fashion treasures from the most stylish wardrobes in the region and the best designer boutiques in Europe, SO CHIC presents many unique brands previously unavailable in the UAE.

So Chic is having it’s Pop- Up store on the 15th of March  at the Cove Beach from 8am to 11pm

  1. How did the idea of ‘So Chic’ come about?

When Alex and I arrived and met in Dubai 2 years ago, we found it difficult to find our style of clothing in the malls. After a few weeks thinking ‘where can you buy this?’, ‘where can you find that?’, we realized that not everything which we had grown to love in Paris was actually available in Dubai. After a few months, we had an idea – In France we call it “vide dressing” where people bring their pre-loved items for others to buy at a sale.

Our friends invited their friends, who invited their friends, and suddenly we had our own little ”vide dressing”, with more than 800 items, 50% of which sold there and then! We never thought we would do a second one. But then people started to call us and ask where they could show us their selection of pre-loved pieces and ‘So Chic’ was launched!

Over the last year, word of mouth has allowed ‘So Chic’ to grow more than we ever imagined. Over 4.500 customers today either have found the piece of their dreams or bring their pre-loved garments for our selection. As the ‘So Chic’ community grows, the selection keeps getting bigger and better.

  1. What is each of your personal style?

We have both a very similar style and that’s why we started ‘So Chic’ together. We both adore French brands and as Parisians, we love the fashion style which our Capital is famous for. When living in Paris, I never realised how our style is quite  specific in an effortless and minimal way. Both Alex and I concentrate more on the fabric and the cut of clothes and so we often fall in love with items from the same brands. Our favourite brands tend to be French as these collections use less prints and bright colours.

  1. Do you have a filtering process in choosing what you have onboard? What is the process?

Before people come to visit us they often ask which brands we accept. We just tell them to bring everything and we will select the items we think we can sell. We do not accept high street brands such as Zara and H&M, although we aren’t only looking for luxury brands. We love to discover little brands that we can’t find in Dubai and can be only usually be found in boutiques in Europe. We also look for iconic items from luxury brands.

  1. What are the future plans for ‘So Chic’?

The next ‘So Chic’ Pop up event is on the 15th of March at Cove Beach from 8am to 11pm. The day after we will move to a new permanent location in the home interiors store Blanc D’Ivoire, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqueim1. ‘So Chic’ is also launching a website with an e-shop and a blog to share more about what we like and what to do. We are also a fashion contributor for an online fashion site in Dubai where we talk about how to get dressed to suit a different venue each week. This week we are travelling to Paris and we are sharing our suitcase from the ‘So Chic’ closet showing the perfect looks for different occasions.

  1. If people want to contribute to ‘So Chic’, how should they go about doing it?

We only select items in excellent condition and pieces, which fit with our style. A dress that does not fit you perfectly, shoes that are the wrong size or items you bought and you did not really enjoy after all – there are many reasons that may lead you to ‘So Chic’. Simply bring the item and ‘So Chic’ will sell it for you! We only select during specific time periods, which we communicate through our social media- @SoChicUAE. We will then keep the items until the big sale! After the pop up sale, each ‘So Chic’ client receives a personal report with the list of sold items. They are then invited to collect their envelope at ‘So Chic’. It is as simple as this.

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