So Chic City Guide : PARIS

Can you reveal the best boutique shops in Paris?

What is really trendy and what Parisians love in Paris today are Concept stores as Merci, Colette and the new one: Smallable for kids.

Ines de la Fressange has just opened hers and there is even one only for men in the Sentier area called La garconniere.

What So Chic recommends: Merci – Boulevard Beaumarchais; Smallable – rue du Cherche midi and Colette of course – rue du Faubourg Saint Honore.

The very new for women: l’appartement Sezane is just the perfect Parisian trend with clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and also deco, rue Saint Fiacre.

Apartement Sezane

Photo 5-13-16, 3 16 19 PM (1)


And of course the Bonpoint concept store in rue de Tournon! And don’t miss the terasse in the courtyard for a lunch or a snack!


Who are your favourite local designers?

If we need to choose only one: Isabel Marant, but I also never miss a stop at Ba&sh boutique and Iro boutique.

Iro rue royale 2
Iro boutique Paris

Let us in on the best items to buy while in Paris?

A chanel bag and vintage if possible! And for the perfect choice: black and small size!



Where should we go to uncover the best vintage stores?

The best on line store is vestiaire collective.

But if you need to see and try before buying and look for the rare items, 2 boutiques in paris will reveal the best of the vintage choice:

– Thanx God I’m a V.I.P. 12 rue de Lancry, Paris Xe


– And the WK accessoires 5 rue du Marché St Honoré, Paris 1er


What are the best markets to visit in the city?

My 2 favorites markets as we intend it in a Parisian way are Rue Montorgueuil on a Sunday when food and café are in the street and the walking in the street is so lovely with a very boho atmosphere. Stop at Little Italy and have a great pasta cooked served by Italians, shop your cheese and bread and have a coffee on the terasse of Le rocher de Cancale.

Waiter brings food to customers at Little Italy Ristorante and Caffe on Rue Montorgueil in the Des Halles area of Paris, France

Little Italy Ristorante and Caffe on Rue Montorgueil in the Des Halles area of Paris, France


Rue de Bretagne in le Marais, you will find a little gate with “le Marche des enfants rouges” written on it. Enter as you can see anything from outside! Plan to have lunch there, just choose among all the diiferent specialities and enjoy the atmosphere of a hidden place in Paris where all people from this area come for a coffee and buy flowers or a limited original and vintage photo of Gainsbourg in black and white.

” Le marché des enfants rouges “

Where should we go for the best Parisian home décor?

For kids, I would recommend Bonton store:

  • boulevard Beaumarchais or Smallable, rue du Cherche Midi.

For adults:

  • Conran Shop next to Bon Marche rue du Bac,
  • Merci, boulevard Beaumarchais and
  • Fleux,39 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie. They have opened 3 shops in the Marais and you will be able to find all the last trends and deco you are looking for!

Fleux concept store

What are your favourite undiscovered cafes or restaurants in the city?

Shall I really reveal it???

Just for you but don’t say anyone! The Hôtel Particulier in Montmartre.


Where should we go to satisfy our sweet tooth?

French cuisine is also know for patisserie! They are so many places in Paris where you can not only enjoy the best taste but also have a stop at a very Parisian salon de the and enjoy the Parisian atmosphere for a break after an afternoon of shopping!

  • Le merveilleux a Sevres Babylone
  • Les choux de Popelini
  • Les fees patissieres Rue Rambuteau
  • La belle Epoque, rue des Petits champs
  • Le grand Colbert Rue Vivienne

Your top three cultural spots that are off the beaten track?

Le Palais de Tokyo, Picasso Museum in the Marais and the garden of the Rodin Museum.

Jardin du muse Rodin, rue de Varenne 7ème

What luxury boutique hotels would you recommend?

L’Hotel Amour, Hotel Costes.

But of course the Meurice for its perfect position in Paris!

Capture d’écran 2017-06-12 à 13.02.04
The Meurice Hotel

How do you travel around the city, and why?

Chauffeur is better than Uber in Paris and is very safe. You can also try the velib in summer and for the most adventurers can take the metro and experience a real Parisian adventure!

Your go-to beauty spot for any unforeseen beauty emergency?

  • Spa des 5 mondes, 6 Square de l’Opéra-Louis Jouvet, 75009 Paris,
  • Spa Carita, rue du faubourg Saint Honore

What are the best Parisian beauty brands you would recommend?

YSL, Guerlain for the teracota and Lancome.

You can’t go wrong as they ideally combine quality, trend and historical image of France beauty industry. I have always used the teraccota from Guerlain, it is a classic and a must have.


Going green and eating vegan meals are a popular trend at the moment, tell us the best places to go and pick up a vegan snack?

Wild and the Moon just opened rue Charlot in le Marais and offer a real detox and vegan healthy menu with yummy juices and energetic recipies. All in a very Parisian and trendy decoration. You will meet around the big wooden table the last bloggeur writing a post or getting involved in a discussion about what is the last book to read urgently.

Capture d’écran 2017-06-12 à 13.16.16
Wild and the moon ACAI bowl

If we had one day to explore somewhere out of the city, where would you recommend going and why?

Drive to Deauville, Honfleur or even Etretas and enjoy a seafood restaurant by the sea.
Of course Versailles is not to be missed.


Capture d’écran 2017-06-12 à 13.27.07


What books would you recommend before jet setting to Paris and why?

“Paris est une fête” by Hemingway or How to be a Parisian wherever you are to make sure you do not misunderstand the French attitude!