LITTLE SHEIKHA: Tips to look fab & Chic for less at the races

So it’s that time again, where the vast array of unusual yet exceptional choice of head wear float around, waiting to be judged and criticized. Either for their lack of effort by the girls that had planned months in advance, or by the envious that ran to accessorize the night before to find the only thing left was a headband that looked as if it would have pride position in Lady Gaga’s wardrobe.

Now I agree that the build up to the world cup can be pretty exciting, what girl doesn’t want an excuse for a new dress and killer heels, which will no doubt be kicked off after the second horse race. But honestly girls, is it all really worth it?

I’ve always had nothing but positive things to say about the races, but there are some points that need to be addressed. To start, each year I spend a fortune on an outfit that, lets be fair, we’re not going to wear all that often. I am always one of those people that leaves the head piece to the last minute and end up over paying for something that looks ridiculous. By the end of the night the headpiece is either left on a table in my clumsy state or after leaving me with a banging head ache forced into my absurdly small formal bag, another item us girls are all forced to buy and never use again.

To top it off this year the tickets have jumped to an extra 100 dhs, don’t get me wrong I’m no scrooge, but the costs all add up! Its time to combat these money troubles and let you all in on some races budgeting secrets.

Take a look at Garderobe and Sochic, they offer a beautiful selection of second hand designer gear for a cheaper price. There’s no need for a make-up artist when you can pop to your nearest drugstore and grab some fake lashes and sparkly eye shadow, believe it or not they last the whole night.

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