You can’t be wrong for Valentine’s day! Not again!

Still have no idea for her?  This year, you won’t be wrong! We are here to help and trust us, the 14th of February, will be a success!

This is for you !

«A t-shirt with a message…»

Je t’aime… Peu importe si tu m’aimes… Viens on s’aime… Amour is french…

You love her? Tell her!!! Humor with a fashionable item will always make a woman happy 😉 Don’t miss our limited edition specially for Valentine’s day. Trust us you can’t be wrong with this one! The effect will be guaranteed and immediate 😉

Just choose… Black or White???

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A modern and chic french jewelry: a classic but effective gift.

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Chanel BAG

The must-have ! The classic bag, each women dreams to have.

Realize her dream THIS YEAR!!

Sans titre   1193d18cee0a2776281f610420847fbf

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Take care of her : What women like ?

There are 2 things women love : make up and taking care of their wardrobe !

Why don’t you surprise her with a make-up or a wardrobe analysis session with a professional ? The make-up artist Laura SEJEAN will reveal all her secrets and give very personnal advise!!

She has a closet full of clothes but has nothing to wear ?

You still wonder why she needs one more pair of shoes… don’t try to understand ! Help her to clean up, make some space and enjoy more what she has with a wardrobe analysis with Marianne AZHARI ! Marianne will help her mix and match her outfits, make a selection of what to keep and what to sell and make the best of what she has..: making a new budget and some space for new items 😉 Make her love her closet !!

She will love it and love you for the idea !


TADCE6506Sans titre copie

To book it write an email here:                                                                                                                                  

We will send you a nice invitation for her and she will be able to choose the date 😉                             


She loves the beach ?

Lucky her, we are in Dubai ! Give her all she needs for the beach !

Pouches, bikini, bags, beach towels, sandals, sunglasses… !

Dubai beachbbb

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If you don’t want to take the risk, opt for a gift card, she will be able to choose the articles that she loves among a large selection in So Chic website or directly at the shops.

So Chic 2

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You are now ready for Valentine’s day !!

And this year, be sure she will be So Happy;-)

So Chic…ly,

Emma & Alex

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