Week end trip from Dubai: Yoga and kite retreat in Masirah Island, Oman

Masirah Island – a jewel in the Arabian Ocean and a paradise for kitesurfers!

Since our little family discovered kitesurfing, we decided to travel around to practice this sport looking for kids friendly spots and Masirah Island is definitely one!

Matteo was invited to practise in Masirah Island by Coba and Kaska, kite surfers since 2000 in the region, based in Abu Dhabi and organising trips to Masirah Island several times a year.

After Zanzibar and Sri Lanka, we decided to try Masirah Island!

Let’s hit the road!


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After 6 hours driving from Al Ain border, one hour ferry, we finally reach the island!

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Besides making your eyes cry from beauty, the monsoon keeps the temperatures low and even if it heats up to 45 degrees in Dubai, Masirah offers pleasant temperatures between 24 and 32 degrees!

What a break from the heat!


Here you find the combination of perfect conditions in various spots on countless breathtaking beaches with flat water and waves.

Let’s kite!

We drive 35 km from the Hotel to reach Monkey beach. Apparently, this spot is only for advanced kitesurfers as the wind is usually 20 to 45 knots.

I am still considered as a beginner and Matteo is only 11 years old, we were lucky not to have the regular conditions of wind and be able to kite without flying away!!

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Masirah Island is not only for kiters!

Huge flat lagoons on the west coast and the waves of the Indian Ocean on the east coast make this island a kitesurfers’ AND surfers’ heaven.

And while Matteo was surfing early in the morning with the rest of the group, Alice and I were having a yoga session by the beach! What an heaven!

Yoga retreat:

Combine the practise of kitesurfing with 2 sessions of Yoga per day!



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Not far from Dubai, it is perfect for a 4 days week end. Wake up early, load your car, cross the border from Al Ain, and drive all the way to the sea. Get on a ferry and reach the beauty of Masirah Island!


Where to stay:

We stayed at Masirah Island resort located 10 km from the jetty facing the waves of the Indian Ocean.


Spots for kite and surf:

Monkey Beach (kite), 35km from the Masirah Island Resort.


What to eat:

Giant lobsters, fresh grilled fish from locals restaurants on the island. Fisher men come back each day with fresh catch from the sea. Not to be missed!


Coaching and material: 

Thank you to F.One for the equipment. Matteo used a 7 and I used a 10.

Thank you to Kaska who coached me for 3 days and made me love it! I can’t wait to be on the water again!

Let’s go back to Dubai!

Sand on the road, camel crossing, sun on our skin and plenty of memories in our heart, we hit the road back to Dubai!

Masirah Island, we will come back!



One more week to go in Dubai and we fly to Europe for the summer!

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