What is So Chic?

The So Chic Concept

So Chic gives a new life to your wardrobe by offering at a decent price all the french brands from Paris missing in Dubai. We go every 2 months to Paris to find and bring back the best of the french fashion.

So Chic is also an easy way to clean your closet and get a new budget for shopping!

A dress that does not fit you perfectly, wrong size shoes or items you bought at a private sale and you did not really enjoy after all… there are many reasons that may lead you to So Chic. Bring your items at the So Chic Corner and So Chic will sell it for you!

Our Pop-up Sales take place in the trendiest spots of Dubai, each time providing you with a fun and exclusive shopping experience, far from the classic shopping experience at the mall!

The So Chic Story

When Alex and Emma arrived and met in Dubai three years ago, they found it difficult to find their clothing style going around the malls. After a few weeks filled with ‘where did you buy this?’ ’where can you find that?’ they understood that all they liked was not on sale in Dubai!

The only way for them to find those best buys from cute boutiques was by going through the wardrobe of a stylish friend and convincing her to sell everything, or pretending they needed a medical visit and going back to Paris for a shopping session!

After a few months, they had this idea of doing a “vide dressing”, a very popular concept in Paris where you empty your closet of clothes you do not wear and invite some friends to do the same: best way to finally get treasures without going back to Europe!

Their friends invited their friends who invited their friends for their little ”vide dressing”, and at the end, they had selected more than 800 items and sold 50% of it!

Their concept became very popular and So Chic was launched!

Over the last year, word of mouth has allowed So Chic to grow. Today, So Chic brings back from Paris the best of the french trend and offer it on sale exclusively in Dubai. Over 6.500 customers either have found the piece of their dreams or brought in their pre-loved garments.

And the more the So Chic community is growing, the bigger and better the selection gets.

The So Chic Selection

So Chic brings to Dubai the real trends from Europe: a mix of rock, chic and easy – but so trendy! – style.

First, we offer a unique selection of pre-loved designer clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, carefully sourced from the best wardrobes of Dubai. All the pre-loved items selected are in excellent condition.

Second, we also source directly from European brands clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories that will help you keep your style without breaking the bank, and perfectly adapted to the Dubai lifestyle – from beachwear to glitter party night!

Because of these selections, So Chic is able to offer you a mix of new and pre-loved items, from small but so trendy brands like Bel Air, Suncoo or Ba&sh, to high-end luxury brands like Chanel or Fendi.

We get inspiration from Paris, Milano, Barcelona, and Brussels… and of course from all our So Chic clients!

Check here for the next selection and Pop-Up Sale details.