How to make the best of your wardrobe during the month of Ramadan in Dubai?

How to make the best of your wardrobe during the Ramadan month in Dubai!


Ramadan has started and the new timing to pick up your kids is not the only thing changing in your everyday life! Our wardrobe should change during this holy month and even though Dubai is reputated to be the most tolerant place in the middle east,  a very low profile dress code is requested during the month of Ramadan.

How do you manage to keep your style and be respectful during this holy month without dying of heat?

Here are some ideas to make sure you do not make any impair and still look as cool as ever!

1- Your best friends will be long dresses and skirts!


     Self-Portrait Dark Orange Skirt              Jubylee Navy Dress             Leon & Harper Bag                                                                              
473 AED                            280 AED                1600 AED

Full looks available in store!                                         



        Ba&sh Long Lace dress

800 AED

2- It’s too hot to wear  jeans, go for airy and large trousers.

IMG_0558 2C882A006_website_1IMG_8546

          Leon & Harper Red Bag                                    Bella Jones Mustard Barbade Trousers          Leon & Harper Brown Bag

1600 AED                                             790 AED                          1600 AED

Full look available in store!                                                                                                                   Full look available in store!


          Garance Yellow Lise Trousers

280 AED

3- Choose long sleeves blouse to cover your arms but choose over size style to stay confortable and survive the temperatures!

C814A010_website_1-600x600 C786-CHIMERE_1-600x600 C577A051_website_1-600x600

Lynn Adler Grey & White Stripes Kimono      Bel Air White Chimere Blouse                    Isabel Marant Off-white Jacket

100 AED                                      158 AED                                 1200 AED


Biscotti Green & White Robert Dress

380 AED

4- Shoes and accessories will be your best friends! Good news, no restriction on this side!

C845 Natural & Gold braided sandals_1 C845 Natural & Gold braided sandals_2images C845 Black sandals_2

So Chic Natural & Gold Sandals

210 AED

C845 Black sandals_1

        So Chic Black Sandals
210 AED

5- Embrace the party and choose your outfit to celebrate iftar or night out Dubai has to offer during Ramadan.


                  Leonie Terracota Etoile Dress                                                                        Leonie Fushia Etoile Dress                  Leonie Pink Etoile Dress

1370 AED                                                                    1370 AED                            1370 AED


6- Being modest doesn’t mean being boring! Choose colours and prints instead of dark colors.


robeIMG_0559 2C316A047_website_1

 Golden Goose Deluxe Black Boots                        Soludos Beige Espadrilles                 Isabel Marant Flower Prints Trousers

900 AED                                                250 AED                                 390 AED




           Ba&Sh Mustard Frida Dress
320 AED

7- Accessorise your outfit with jewels from La Plage. It’s time to style your outfit with huge earrings and necklesess!



8- It’s time for gifts! Choose from a selection of affordable gifts ideas to make your loved one happy.


  So Chic Orange Velvet Clutch                  So Chic Blue Velvet Clutch                             So Chic Gold Clutch                   So Chic Black Clutch

158 AED                                158 AED                                  158 AED                         200 AED


Leon & Harper Brown Leather Bag

1600 AED

And the 21&22 of may, we have special Ramadan treat to make it even better! Join us at Home and Soul from 9am to 10pm!



So Chic…ly,



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